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Leveling up is only the beginning. You can make your main character stronger through a system of subclasses. A character can have three subclasses in total.


How to get a subclass

  • On level 85 you can complete Red Thread of Fate quest and get the option to add a subclass. Ertheia can't have subclasses, and can't learn subclass skills.

Choosing a subclass

When you’ve completed Red Thread of Fate quest, talk to Subclass Master Raina located in the Talking Island Village, to choose a subclass. Subclass Master Raina can also help you delete a subclass or chance one subclass to another with   Certificate of Class Change

Availability of subclasses

  • You cannot choose a subclass from the same group as your main class.
  • You cannot choose Overlord and Warsmith as subclasses; no one can take Ertheia classes as subclasses.
  • Only Kamael can take Kamael classes as subclasses.

Groups of classes

Group 3 classes from the group
Warriors Dreadnought, Duelist, Titan, Grand Khavatari, Maestro, Doombringer
Knights Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Evas Templar, Shillien Templar
Rogues Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter, Fortune Seeker
Archers Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel, Trickster
Wizards Archmage, Soultaker, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer, Inspector
Summoners Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master
Healers Cardinal, Evas Saint, Shillien Saint
Enchanters Hierophant, Doomcryer, Dominator, Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer

See more about availability of subclasses here: Availability of Subclasses.

Switching between subclasses

  • You can switch between your subclasses, dualclass and main class via your character’s interface.
  • After switching all the buffs cast upon your character disappear.
  • There’ll be no tattoos for your subclass (they will not disappear, it’s just that main classes and subclasses have different tattoos).
  • What remains after switching: PvP/PK counter, clan, enrollment for Territory Battles, recommendations, friends list, party room info and quests. The inventory and the warehouse are the same for the main class and the subclasses.
  • After switching your character will be under  Identity Crisis effect for 15 seconds. When your character is under Identity Crisis effect, their battle characteristics are reduced. They cannot use skills or items (except herbs), they cannot change their class.

Subclass developing

  • You can start developing your subclass from level 40.
  • When you get a subclass, it already has level 40. All the skills up to level 40 (inclusive) are already learned, and you don’t need to spend SP to learn them.
  • You can develop your subclass up to level 80.
  • When your first subclass reaches level 75, you can choose the second subclass. *When your second subclass reaches level 75, you can choose the third subclass. Your character can have three subclasses in total (one of them can further be developed into Dualclass). There are no limitations on the amount of subclasses you can switch between, and there are no time restrictions for such switching.
  • When you achieve level 85 and complete Awakening with it, one of the subclasses (which has reached level 80 and completed third class transfer) can be developed into a Dualclass, then you can complete Awakening with it and develop the dualclass up to max level.
  • During Awakening your Dualclass will receive a compensation of the upgraded skills in the form of Essence of the Lesser Giants according to the table in Skill Enchanting article.

Comparing the main class, the dualclass and the subclasses

Features Main Class Dualclass Subclasses
Class choice restrictions No restrictions Except the group of the main class Except the group of the main class
Level max 99 80
Subclass skills actions Share
Vitality Actions Vitality is different for the main class, for the dualclass, alnd all subclasses
Switching between classes No limits, use character’s interface (except certain zones)
Taking part in Grand Olympiad Allowed Not allowed Not allowed

Specifics of dualclasses

  • Subclass has basic characteristics of the chosen class
  • Dualclass can be developed up to level 99
  • Dualclass can complete Awakening
  • During Awakening basic characteristics and race skills will be changed into the ones which match the race of the character.

Dualclass quest

Skill certification

  • In Goddess of Destruction - Awakening update the old skills for your main class were removed. The new skills were introduced instead.
  • Skills are certified on subclass levels 65, 70, 75 and 80.
  • The main class can get by 4 skills from each subclass, 12 skills from 3 subclasses in total.
  • You cannot learn more skills from more than 3 subclasses.
  • When a subclass is cancelled, the skills learned are not cancelled with it. If necessary, you can cancel all the skills learned at once (see the end of this article).
  • The available skills don’t depend on your subclass.

Learning skills

  • To learn a skill from an NPC, you need to have a special certificate.
  • You need to switch to a subclass to get a certificate to learn a skill.
  • You can get such a certificate from Subclass Certificate Center located in Talking Island Village.
  • To learn a skill, you need to bring the certificate to Subclass Certificate Center located in Talking Island Village.
  • The level of your main class doesn’t matter.
  • Certificates for skill learning cannot be dropped/sold/exchanged for.
  • The skills you’ve learned will be effective for the main class, the dualclass and subclasses.

Subclass skills

Name Description Max skill level
  Sub - P. Atk./M. Atk. Increase P. Atk. + 1%, M. Atk. + 1% 4
  Sub - P. Def./M. Def. Increase P. Def. + 1%, M. Def. + 1% 4
  Sub - Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. Increase Atk. Spd. + 1%, Casting Spd. + 1%. 4
  Sub - Critical Rate Increase P. Critical Rate/ M. Critical Rate + 10 4
  Sub - P. Accuracy/ M. Accuracy Increase P. Accuracy + 2, M. Accuracy + 2 4
  Sub - P. Evasion/ M. Evasion Increase P. Evasion + 2, M. Evasion + 2 4

Resetting a subclass

  • NPC Raina in the Talking Island Village can change your subclass.
  • When you subclass is reset, its level is changed to 40, all the class skills will be deleted without any compensation.
  • All the certified skills are not cancelled at such reset.

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