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    Race: Human
    Location Ice Merchant Cabin (Schuttgart Territory)


    • Free teleportation to Jinia in Freya's Garden.
    • Upgrading old epic accessories with Bottles of Soul. Exchanging Giants Accessories to обмен аксессуаров гигантов на Source of the Emperor and upgrading Ring of Creation is now available via Denign in the Town of Giran.

    Quest Type Levels Reward Restrictions
    The Other Side of Truth Onetime quest 53 - 63 Adena 193,350 adena
    XP 956,590
    Available SP 229
    No requirements
    Acquisition of Divine Sword Onetime quest 82 Adena 296,425 adena
    XP 921,805
    Available SP 221
    Complete Request of Ice Merchant
    Meeting Sirra Onetime quest 82 Adena 283,425 adena
    XP 939,075
    Available SP 225
    Complete Acquisition of Divine Sword
    Request of Ice Merchant Onetime quest 82 Adena 190,000 adena
    XP 627,000
    Available SP 150
    Complete The Other Side of Truth
    Reunion with Sirra Onetime quest 82 XP 2,152,200
    Available SP 516
    Complete Meeting Sirra
    Story of Those Left Onetime quest 82 See Description Complete Reunion With Sirra

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