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Keucereus Alliance Base

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The continent of Gracia which has previously been hostile to Elmoraden, has been trying to recover after a long war. The Seeds and monsters summoned by the followers of Shilen have caused great harm to Gracia and its inhabitants. The survived soldiers and adventurers from Aden gather on the Base led by Admiral Keucerus, the ruler of Gracia, to oppose the power of Shilen.



There is a zone event: Keucereus Alliance Base Defence, available to characters level 95 and above. To take part in the event, you need to teleport to the base before the defence begins. The task is to repel the attack of the Embryo army.

How to get into

Teleportation to Keucereus Alliance Base

You can teleport to Keucereus Alliance Base via NPC Gatekeeper Milia from Talking Island Village or via NPC Gatekeeper Bella from the Town of Gludio for   150,000 adena.

Teleportation is impossible if the Base is invaded by the Embryo army.
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Main NPCs

Keucereus Alliance Base is a military base, and there are no warehouses or shops. To use them, you need to go back to Elmoraden. You can't switch to dualclass or subclass either.

Admiral Keucereus. Offers starting quests to the Seeds and the Immortal Honor quest.

Keucereus Spy Erda. Can be found on Keucereus Alliance Base is the previous defence of the Base has been successful. Offers quests and access to such instances as Inner Messiah Castle и Outer Messiah Castle.
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Engineer Lekon Offers quests: Good Day to Fly (for obtaining flying transformations), and for learning how to gather star stones Collecting in the Air. Gives permission to summon clan flying ships.
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Officer Tolonis

  • Sells flying transformation scrolls;
  • Upgrades the skill to gather star stones;
  • Sell other necessary items.

Special Product Broker Kirklan To buy items in his shop, you'll need the items which can be obtained when you hunt in Gracia.

  • Recipes and resources for making Icarus weapon;
  • Forgotten Scrolls to learn skills;
  •   Dynastic Essence II ;
  • Recipes and Immortal armor.

Seed Teleport

Seed Teleport Device. Free teleportation to any of the Seeds or to the Town of Gludio on the continent of Aden.

Related Quests

  • During the Keucereus Alliance Base Defense event additional quests become available.
Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
To the Seed of Annihilation   85 Kbaldir   212,182 adena
  Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
No Requirements
The Road to Destruction   93 Keucereus   17,612 adena
No Requirements
The Road to Infinity   95 Keucereus   18,243 adena
No Requirements
To the Seed of Hellfire   97 Keucereus   3,256,740 adena
No Requirements
Immortal Honor   104 Keucereus   104,491,683,840
  Keucereus' Certificate
Now playing the quest Exalted, Guide of Power, Exalted

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