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Game Videos

In Lineage II there’s a system of making game videos. Watching videos in Lineage II is different from common capturing videos from the screen, as while watching a video you can change the angle of the camera. However, no interface items are displayed (even if they were present on the screen while making a video).


Making a video

Start of recording

Command Function
/start_videorecording Start recording
/end_videorecording End recording
/startend_videorecording End recording of one video
and begin the next one.

Saving a video

When a video is recorded it will be saved automatically (there’ll be a message in the chat).

Recorded videos are saved automatically into Replay folder, like C:\Program Files\4Game\Lineage 2\Replay.

Watching a video


On the login screen in the main menu press the ‘Replay’ button. A screen will appear, where you can choose the necessary options. "Lock Camera" and "View the Chat Window". Once the parameters are selected, click "ОK".
How to manage playing

Key Function
+ key Speed up playing: 2 times, 4 times, 8 times faster
- key Slow down playing: 2 times, 4 times, 8 times slower
Space Pause/Play
Esc Stop playing and go back to choosing a video screen.

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