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The Dueling System

Duels allow players to fight with each other (individually or party vs party) without any penalties. People can start a duel when they’re not in a state of battle. You can challenge anyone regardless of their level. During duels you cannot use skills and items related to escaping (like Return, BSoE, etc.)

Even if you’ve lost a duel, you don’t get any penalty and don’t lose any XP (like you would in a case of an ordinary death). When a duel’s over, all HP, MP and CP characteristics of the participants go back to their initial state before the duel. All effects cast upon you during a duel disappear once it’s over. If you press Decline Duels in the Settings window, all invitations to duels will be cancelled automatically.

One versus one duel

You can invite a player to a duel by using /duel command or by pressing Duel Request button in Action window. You win a duel if your opponent’s HP equals 1. A face to face duel can take no longer than 2 minutes.

If during a duel an NPC attacks a players or a player attacks an NPC, the duel stops and HP/MP/CP of the participants restore to the level before the duel.

Party vs party duel

You can invite a party to a duel by using /partyduel command or by pressing Party Duel icon. Only the leader of your party can invite another party to a duel, but it’s enough to choose any player from another party to send the invitation. If the invited party accepts the challenge, both party are teleported to the Arena. Each party vs party duel can take no longer than 2 minutes.

A party cannot challenge any party and cannot be challenged if the party members are in the following circumstances:

  • in a battle, in a duel, or in chaotic state (PK);
  • takes part in Grand Olympiad;
  • opens a merchant shop to sell or trade items;
  • HP/MP is below 50% (including character’s death);
  • takes part in a siege (or if character’s clan or alliance takes part in a siege);
  • if the invited player belongs to the inviting party;
  • if players are currently in a territory which is forbidden to leave;
  • if characters are in a territory of a siege;
  • if the inviting player is too far away from the invited player;
  • if at the moment there’s not enough place on the arena for party duels;
  • during a castle siege if the opponents take part in it;
  • if one of the party members is riding a Dragon or a Wyvern;
  • if the participants are currently in a piece zone or in a battle zone.

If the challenging (accepting the challenge) party is in a Command Chanel, it will removed from it automatically once the duel starts. If a group starts a duel while party matching, the group is excluded from party matching process. When a duel starts, all trading operations of participants are cancelled.

Ending a Duel prematurely

A duel ends prematurely in the following scenarios:

  • if /withdraw command is used during the duel;
  • if the distance between players is too far (so it becomes impossible to target a player);
  • if a participant moves to a zone where duels are impossible;
  • if a player attacks an opponent before the duel starts;
  • if a player attacks an NPC or an NPC attacks a player during one versus one duel (including magic and skills).