• Cloak of Radiant Light

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    Cloak of Radiant Light
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    Grade NG.gifCloak of Radiant Light
    A cloak that symbolizes glory and light. When equipped, STR/ DEX/ CON/ INT/ WIT/ MEN/ LUC/ CHA +4, and Damage Received -15%. Can use the Escape: Castle skill. Cannot be used while in a chaotic state. Can be equipped only by marquis or higher.

    Cannot be used in the Olympiad and dimensional servers. Cannot be transferred between servers.

    Weight: 0
    Durability: -
    P.Def.: 100
    M.Def.: 80
    Crystallization: 0
    Grade: NG
    Attributes: Fire protecion: 20
    Water protection: 20
    Wind protection: 20
    Earth protection: 20
    Holy protection: 20
    Unholy protection: 20
    Cannot be: exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store, sold in a public store, sold in the Auction, stored in a clan warehouse.

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    In the current version of the game it's impossible to obtain the item as drop or using Spoil.

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