• Wrath of Ancestors

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    Wrath of Ancestors
    Level: 5 - 16
    Quest type Repeatable questSoloing Quest
    Restrictions: None
    Race: Orc
    Class: Any class
    Start location Orc Village / Schuttgart Territory
    Start NPC Livina
    Reward Adena.jpg 100 adena


    1. Talk to Priest Livina in the Orc Village.


    2. Go to the Valley of Heroes and Immortal Plateau, Northern Region, kill the following mobs: Goblin Tomb Raider and Goblin Tomb Raider Leader, until you have Grave Robber's Head Grave Robber's Head  — 50 pcs.



    3. Talk to Priest Livina in the Orc Village and get the reward.


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