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Whisper of Dreams, Part 1

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Whisper of Dreams, Part 1
Level: 56 - 66
Quest type Repeatable quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Dragon Valley / Giran Territory
Start NPC Vanutu
Reward See description


  1. Talk to Priest Vanutu in the Dragon Valley.


  2. Go hunting to Antharas' Lair, to hunt: Cave Beast, Death Wave. You need to get Death Wave Light Death Wave Light  — 360 pcs.


  3. Talk to Priest Vanutu in the Dragon Valley, get Adena.jpg 9,000 adena and a random reward.



There's a chance that you may get a Sealed Mysterious Stone Sealed Mysterious Stone during hunting. Deliver it to Trader of the Valley Galman in the Dragon Valley and get access to the second part of the quest: Whisper of Dreams, Part 2.


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