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In Lineage II there are many weapon types. Some classes use only 1 weapon type, other classes can choose it.

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S-grade Weapons
S-grade Weapons can be used at level 76.
S-grade DaggersS-grade One-Handed SwordsS-grade Two-Handed SwordsS-grade BowsS-grade One-Handed BluntsS-grade Two-Handed BluntsS-grade SpearsS-grade FistsS-grade Dual Swords
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A-grade Weapons
A-grade Weapons can be used at level 61.
A-grade DaggersA-grade One-Handed SwordsA-grade Two-Handed SwordsA-grade BowsA-grade One-Handed BluntsA-grade Two-Handed BluntsA-grade SpearsA-grade FistsA-grade Dual Swords
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B-grade Weapons
B-grade Weapons can be used at level 52.
B-grade DaggersB-grade One-Handed SwordsB-grade Two-Handed SwordsB-grade BowsB-grade One-Handed BluntsB-grade Two-Handed BluntsB-grade SpearsB-grade FistsB-grade Dual Swords
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C-grade Weapons
C-grade Weapons can be used at level 40.
C-grade DaggersC-grade One-Handed SwordsC-grade Two-Handed SwordsC-grade BowsC-grade One-Handed BluntsC-grade Two-Handed BluntsC-grade SpearsC-grade FistsC-grade Dual Swords
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D-grade Weapons
D-grade Weapons can be used at level 20.
D-grade DaggersD-grade One-Handed SwordsD-grade Two-Handed SwordsD-grade BowsD-grade One-Handed BluntsD-grade Two-Handed BluntsD-grade SpearsD-grade FistsD-grade Dual Swords
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No grade Weapons
No grade Weapons can be used at level 1.
No grade DaggersNo grade One-Handed SwordsNo grade Two-Handed SwordsNo grade BowsNo grade One-Handed BluntsNo grade Two-Handed BluntsNo grade SpearsNo grade Fists

Types of Weapon

There are 10 types of weapon. Each class achieves best results using a certain type of weapon.

Type Description Atk.Speed Crit.Chance Accuracy P.Atk. Mastery
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Daggers This type of weapon doesn’t have impressive Phys. Atk., but its Atk.Speed is increased and it has bigger Crit.Chance. Very Fast High Low Low Dagger Mastery
Item 79.jpg
One-Handed Swords Have average characteristics of Phys. Atk., Atk.Speed and Crit.Chance. Fast Normal Normal Normal Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery
Item 7883.jpg
Two-Handed Swords This type of weapon has very low Atk.Speed and increased Physical damage and Crit.Chance. Normal Normal Normal High Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery
Two-handed Weapon Mastery
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Bows This weapon is good for long-range attacks, has high damage and Crit.Chance characteristics, but its Atk.Speed is very low. Low or
Very Low
High Low Very High Bow Mastery
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One-Handed Blunts Have high level of damage and precision, but low Crit.Rate. Fast Low High Normal Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery
Item 7901.jpg
Two-Handed Blunts Have high level of damage and precision, but low Crit.Rate. Fast Low High Normal Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery
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Spears Spears damage several targets at once within hitting range. Normal Normal Normal Normal Polearm Mastery
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Fists Damage is similar to damage from one-handed blunts, however attack speed is much higher. Normal Low High High Fist Weapon Mastery
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Dual Swords Dual swords are made of two one-handed swords. They have high damage characteristics. Normal Normal Normal High Dual Weapon Mastery

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