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    Tribal Benefit
    Level: 2 - 20
    Quest type Onetime quest
    Restrictions: None
    Race: Orc
    Class: Any class
    Start location Orc Village / Schuttgart Territory
    Start NPC Newbie Guide
    Reward Item 15623.jpg 70,000
    Necklace (Novice) Necklace (Novice)
    Ring (Novice) Ring (Novice)  — 2 pcs.
    Butcher's Sword (Novice) Butcher's Sword (Novice)


    1. Talk to Newbie Guide in the Orc Village.


    2. According to Newbie Guide, Centurion Tiku is looking for someone to help an Orc Tribe. Talk to Tiku.


    3. During the early frosts, many Orcs suffer from cold. You need to obtain wolf skins to make warm clothes. To hunt: Kasha Wolf, Kasha Timber Wolf. You need to get Kasha Wolf Fur Kasha Wolf Fur  — 10 pcs.


    4. Somebody has been raiding Orcish tombs lately. Apparently, it's the work of Imps and Goblins. Deal with them! To hunt: Goblin Tomb Raider, Rakeclaw Imp Hunter. You need to get Imp Necklace Imp Necklace  — 10 pcs.


    5. Orcs want to sow fields around the village with Mountain Fungi. Bring them their spores. To hunt: Mountain Fungus. You need to get Mountain Fungus Spores Mountain Fungus Spores  — 10 pcs.


    6. Members of the tribe say there are too many Maraku Werewolves near the village. You need to scare them away. To hunt: Maraku Werewolf. You need to get Maraku Werewolf Claw Maraku Werewolf Claw  — 10 pcs.


    7. There is not enough potions for wounded warriors of the tribe. The medicine can be prepared from Eye of Seer's Tears. Get them. To hunt: Eye of Seer. You need to get Eye of Seer Tears Eye of Seer Tears  — 10 pcs.


    8. You have completed Tiku's request, ge tthe reward and the access to the next quest, Blacksmith's Request.


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