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Gludio Map

Gludio is the biggest realm of Humans' Aden Kingdom. Yet a few years ago it was attacked by another Humans' Kingdom, Gracia. Big part of this realm was totally burned. Since old times humans have been fighting each other in bitter, endless wars. Ruins of the Town of Gludio have become dangerous and are full of the undead. Meanwhile there are giant insects hiding in the south.

The Town of Gludio is situated near the big castle, ruled by Ramsheart. The town was build with the castle by king's order, so its history is not so big, but it's bigger than Gludin Village's. The Town of Gludio is located near Town of Dion and Elven Forest, so there are many voyagers in there.


Township Price
Elven Village 6,000
Dark Elf Village 6,000
Orc Village 6,000
Dwarven Village 6,000
Gludin Village 2,800
Town of Dion 1,400
Windawood Manor 930
Gludin Harbor 1,600
Southern Entrance to Wasteland 1,700
Ant Nest - Entrance 1,000
For characters level 40 and below teleportation is free.

Town of Gludio: NPCs and quests

Clan Halls

There are 4 clan halls grade B available in Gludio:

  • Moonstone Hall
  • Onyx Hall
  • Topaz Hall
  • Ruby Hall

There are 4 clan halls grade B available near Gludio:

  • Emerald Hall
  • Crystal Hall
  • Sapphire Hall
  • Aquamarine Hall

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