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Map of Aden
Аден - внешний вид.jpg

Aden Castle Town is the political, cultural and religious center of the Continent and same named kingdom. Priestess Flownia reminds about sacrifices of the saints, which allowed this city to exist. This city is full of splendor: they beleive elegance always costs. It seems there are many people here, but it's only seems. The city is too near to Elmore and people fears to live here. Master Сedrick, the founder of Sedrick's Academy on Talking Island, is the leader of Fighter Guild. Magic Guild of Aden, according to Magister Desmond, will soon surpass the powers of Ivory Tower.

Living here Dark Elves advice not to succumb to the charm of beautiful streets and buildings. "The most beautiful flower bed of colors often hides the snake's lair. Maybe you'll learn everything about this city. "(c) of the Grand Master Oltli. In fact, the Dark Elves there is great amount of truth in these words. Merchant Holly reluctantly tells us about the lawlessness taking place in the city. According to her, some of the aristocrats and the military people conspire the uzurpation of the throne (hints of the clans: as when the server starts the King of the castle of Aden is Amadeo Cadmus) and ensure his authority in the city. Because of the unrest in the city, the country is again full of mess and strange stuff. Therefore, Humans have asked the Lord of the Flame Kekei to assist them during times of trouble. The Orc Ancestor Martanikus from the Cave of Trials and Antout of tribe Duda-Mara said that it was somehow connected with the "Eternal Winter" and it was the only thing that can strike fear into the heart of the Orcs. And gnomes living in Aden are alarmed by an increase in the number of orders for protection from the Aden Guard.

Temple of Aden is considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the state. By the legend its construction took several decades from the Dwarf artisans from Schuttgart and elegant decorations Had been made by hand of the Elves.


Город Стоимость
Town of Oren 5,500
Hunters Village 4,700
Town of Giran 10,000
Coliseum 2,500
Forest of Mirrors 6,600
Fields of Massacre 6,500
Ancient Battleground 5,900
Seal of Shilen 4,900
Blazing Swamp 5,100
Silent Valley 5,100
Entrance to the Tower of Insolence 4,200
Entrance to the Giants Cave 4,300

NPC and Quests

Clan halls

Clan halls in Aden

There are 6 clanhalls Grade A in Aden:

  • Golden Hall
  • Silver Hall
  • Mithril Hall
  • Golden Parlor
  • Silver Parlor
  • Bronze Hall

See also:

For info about clanhall functions, items on sale and buffs see Clanhall Functions.

Teleportation from clanhalls

Level Price Directions
Level 1 Free Main square of Aden
Eastern gates of Aden
Western gates of Aden
Southern gates of Aden
Northern gates of Aden
Level 2 Free Main square of Aden
Eastern gates of Aden
Western gates of Aden
Southern gates of Aden
Northern gates of Aden
Adena.jpg 1,000 adena Ancient Battleground
Blazing Swamp
Forest of Mirrors
Anghel Waterfall
Seal of Shilen
Tower of Insolence

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