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Third Class Transfer Quests

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Race Primary class Class transfer quest Class to be obtained
Human Warlord Saga of the Dreadnought Dreadnought
Gladiator Saga of the Duelist Duelist
Paladin Saga of the Phoenix Knight Phoenix Knight
Dark Avenger Saga of the Hell Knight Hell Knight
Treasure Hunter Saga of the Adventurer Adventurer
Hawkeye Saga of the Sagittarius Sagittarius
Sorcerer Saga of the Archmage Archmage
Necromancer Saga of the Soultaker Soultaker
Warlock Saga of the Arcana Lord Arcana Lord
Bishop Saga of the Cardinal Cardinal
Prophet Saga of the Hierophant Hierophant
Elf Temple Knight Saga of Eva's Templar Eva's Templar
Sword Singer Saga of the Sword Muse Sword Muse
Plains Walker Saga of the Wind Rider Wind Rider
Silver Ranger Saga of the Moonlight Sentinel Moonlight Sentinel
Spellsinger Saga of the Mystic Muse Mystic Muse
Elemental Summoner Saga of the Elemental Master Elemental Master
Elven Elder Saga of Eva's Saint Eva's Saint
Dark Elf Shillien Knight Saga of the Shillien Templar Shillien Templar
Bladedancer Saga of the Spectral Dancer Spectral Dancer
Abyss Walker Saga of the Ghost Hunter Ghost Hunter
Phantom Ranger Saga of the Ghost Sentinel Ghost Sentinel
Spellhowler Saga of the Storm Screamer Storm Screamer
Phantom Summoner Saga of the Spectral Master Spectral Master
Shillien Elder Saga of the Shillien Saint Shillien Saint
Orc Destroyer Saga of the Titan Tytan
Tyrant Saga of the Grand Khavatari Grand Khavatari
Overlord Saga of the Dominator Dominator
Warcryer Saga of the Doomcryer Doomcryer
Dwarf Bounty Hunter Saga of the Fortune Seeker Fortune Seeker
Warsmith Saga of the Maestro Maestro

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