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In Lineage II, each class has a set of physical and magic skills. To open the skills window, use Alt+K hotkey, you can also choose Skills from the menu. There active skills (physical, magic and auras) and passive skills.

Active skills

To use the active skills you need to move the skill icon to the hotkey bar or use it from the skills bar. In general, active skills usage requires MP, less frequently – HP. If your character doesn’t have enough MP or HP, you won’t be able to use a skill. Active skills are used at once or after the timeout necessary for skills usage. The duration of active skills is long enough (for strengthening magic). For each active skills there’s a distance at which it can be used.

Physical skills

Удар физическим умением.jpg

Warriors and rogue mostly use physical skills in their combats with mobs and players. Physical damage depends on the STR parameter.

Magic skills

Удар магическим умением.jpg

Magic skills include both buffs and battle magic. Most of magic skills require time to use. Magic skills level or chance to debuff depends on the INT parameter.

Speaking of magic skills, it easy to get confused and to think that only mages and healers can use magic skills. However, it isn’t so. Almost every class in Lineage II has magic skills.

  • Buffs Strengthen a character or the whole party.
  • Debuffs Weaken a character or the whole party, duration: up to 1 min.
  • Attacking magic. Damages at once or brings damage for a certain period of time (i.e. takes a certain amount of HP/MP in a time length).

Toggle Skills

Such skills can be turned on/off depending on the situation. Toggle Skills may consume MP (or HP) when turned on and when it’s is active. Toggle Skills switch off if a character doesn’t have any more MP (or HP).

Passive skills

Панель умений, пассивные.jpg

Passive skills don’t need to be switched on. They start working once they're learned and don't stop. Each class in Lineage II has a preferable type of armor and weapon which is strengthened by the corresponding passive skills.

Some passive skills work only when a person equips a certain type of armor or weapon.

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