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    Revenge System allows for taking vengeance on the character who caused your character’s death.

    General Info

    • If a player kills your character, you can see a special icon in the right upper part of the interface showing the name of the killer.
    • You can open the Vengeance menu by clicking the revenge notification icon or via the main menu (Alt + X -> Vengeance).
    • The Vengeance menu is available for 24 hours following your character’s death and contains the following information:
      • The killer's name and level.
      • The killer’s clan.
      • Info about the killer's class.
      • Time of death.
      • Info whether the killer is online.
    • The Vengeance menu appears following common deaths because of PvP/PK, including those resulting from clan wars. It doesn't appear in the following cases:
      • You character is killed by a monster (including raid bosses).
      • Your character died while participating in PvP-content (sieges, arena, Olympiad).
    • The Vengeance menu supports the functionality of notification about the location of the target, as well as the functionality of teleportation to take vengeance.
    • The functionality of target location and teleportation is available 5 times a day, the counter is reset at 6.30 a.m.
    • The usage of functionality of target location is free for the first time, and from the 2nd time you have to pay a certain fee in Adena.
    • The functionality of teleportation is not free, you have to pay L-Coins starting from the 1st time.
    • Once teleported, the avenger gets the “Hide” effect, so they safely could get to the target and strike the first blow.
    • You can’t teleport to the following zones:
      • Peaceful zone
      • Instanced zones
      • Some hunting zones
      • Siege zones

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