Red Gem Necklace (3 of 3)

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Red Gem Necklace (3 of 3)
Level: 15+
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: Complete Red Gem Necklace (2/3).
Race: Orc
Class: Any class
Start location Orc Village / Schuttgart Territory
Start NPC Uska
Reward Newbie HP Replenishing Potion Newbie HP Replenishing Potion  — 40 pcs.
Scroll of Escape (Novice) Scroll of Escape (Novice)  — 5 pcs.
Item 15623.jpg 70,000
Item 15624.jpg 3,600
MP Recovery Potion (Novice) MP Recovery Potion (Novice)  — 40 pcs.
Reward at your choice:
Soulshot (No-grade) (Novice) Soulshot (No-grade) (Novice)  — 1000 pcs. or
Spiritshot (No-grade) (Novice) Spiritshot (No-grade) (Novice)  — 700 pcs.


  1. Talk to Uska in Orc Village.


  2. Uska says that Kasha Imps stole all red gems he was going to use to make the necklace. Retrive what's been stolen.


  3. As they were running away, Kasha Imps split the varnish and spoiled some valuable materials. You have to find the new ones. To hunt: Evil Eye Seer. You need to get Hard Lens Hard Lens  — 20 pcs.


  4. Uska says that Kasha Imps stole the red stone and ran away. You need to find it. To hunt: Kasha Imp. You need to get Red Gem Red Gem  — 20 pcs.


  5. Deliver to Uska in Orc Village the materials to make the necklace, get the reward and access to the next quest Future: Orcs.


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