Raid Zone: Lilith

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Raid Zone: Lilith
Map Raid Zone Lilith.jpg
Territory Aden Territory
Optimal Level 76 - 85
Party size 90-300 ppl

General Info

Teleportation via Gatekeeper Spirit
Gatekeeper Spirit on the map

Raid Zone: Lilith is the zone of Raid Boss Lilith, meant for characters level 76 and above. You can teleport to the zone from the eastern part of The Disciple's Necropolis via NPC Gatekeeper Spirit.

To get into The Disciple's Necropolis, you need to get to Fields of Massacre from Town of Aden via NPC Gatekeeper Elisa, then go to the entrance by foot, swim to the end of the tunnel and then talk to Gatekeeper Ziggurat.

  • The boss appears at 9.00 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday.
  • From 90 characters or above (10 parties or more) level 76+.
  • When a character dies, XP/item loss penalty is applied.
  • You can enter the zone without a command channel or a party.
  • The dead characters are resurrected in the closest township: Town of Aden.

Walkthrough guide

Once you've teleported via Gatekeeper Spirit, your character will appear in the room with the raid boss.

During the battle, Lilith uses long-range attacks which hold her enemies, and her minions support her in the battle by using skills with drain HP and deal powerful melee damage.

If raids on Anakim and Lilith take place at the same time, when one of them is defeated, the surviving boss will use invincibility for 5 minutes.

Once the raid boss is defeated, you'll be able to leave the zone by talking to an NPC.


Raid Zone: Lilith - Raid Bosses

Name Level Features EXP SP

(Apostle Lilith)
82 Raid Boss: If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the  Raid Boss, then the item/ adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 Lv.s or more, then the monster will drop nothing at all. Raid Boss (Lv. 82): The mistress of the Sanctum, known as the Maiden of Darkness, awaits for Shilens’s advent. In ancient times, when Shilen was reigning water, she was an oracle to the rulers of Giants. After Shilen had been banished the maid became a servant to the Goddess of Destruction and remained in the world to prepare for her master’s return. She possesses different bodies ever trying to excite enmity between Humans and Elves and provoke wars between them. The Maiden brings the warriors slain in battles back to half-live and turns into undead, thus forming an army for the Goddess of Destruction. Demons: This race of darkness opposes the angels. Beings that are changed by the curse of darkness become demons as well. 1008600000 30258000

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