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    Provisional Clan halls, unlike permanent, are in fact instanced zones. You can get such a hall via lottery, and the period of ownership is limited.


    Unlike permanent clan halls, the rent for provisional clan halls is paid at once for the whole period (4 weeks, or 28 days). For each of the three types the following characteristics are different: rent, and min clan level.

    Type Name Amount Clan lvl Rent
    Common Orchid Hall 120 3+ Adena.jpg 1,000,000 adena
    Improved Ellia Hall 40 4+ Adena.jpg 1,500,000 adena
    Laurell Hall 40 5+ Adena.jpg 2,000,000 adena

    Provisional Clan hall auction

    Provisional Clan Halls are auctioned every two weeks starting from 00.01 on Friday till 8.50 on Saturday. Talk to Auctioneer. For Orchid Hall, Ellia Hall, and Laurell Hall the rent and the min clan level are different. If a clan takes part in the auction, the rent is deducted at once. As it's deducted from your clan warehouse, you'd better check it in advance. If the amount of bedding clans is higher than the amount of Provisional Clan Halls, the winners are chosen at random. Talk to Auctioneer to see the list of bidders. If a clan doesn't get the hall, the rent is returned (-10%).

    Provisional Clan hall features

    You can enter your Provisional Clan hall via the Provisional Clan Hall Gatekeeper NPC Provisional Clan Hall Manager gives you access to your Provisional Clan Hall features: clan warehouse, leaving the hall. Provisional Clan Halls have basic functions only.

    Enter and exit

    To enter, talk to a Provisional Clan Hall Gatekeeper in any township or use a Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall or a Blessed Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall Blessed Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall .

    To exit, press the corresponding button in the dialogue with the Provisional Clan Hall Manager.

    There's no fee for entering or leaving provisional clan halls.

    Provisional Clan Hall functions

    Provisional Clan Halls add bonuses to HP and MP restoration, restore the XP lost at death when resurrecting in the clan hall. The functions are activated automatically when a Provisional Clan Hall is purchased and they are the same for each type.

    Function Description
    HP restoration speed 300%
    MP restoration speed 40%
    XP restoration at resurrection 50%

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