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    In Lineage 2 it’s possible to attack any characters outside peaceful zones. To attack a character, you need to press Ctrl button. If you kill a peaceful character (the names of such characters are white, they don’t respond to attacks), your characters becomes a player killer (PK). Player killers get penalties which make their gaming process more difficult.

    General info

    You can find the info about your character’s social activities in the bottom part of the character’s window (Alt+T). Such characteristics as PvP/PK counter and karma refer to PK system.

    Karma Characters get Karma points if they kill other characters. In a lawful state Karma = 0. If Karma is above zero, the character is a PK and gets penalties.
    PvP If characters attack each other and one of them wins (kills the other one), PvP count is increased. The count is not increased while dueling, during castle sieges or Grand Olympiad. The amount of PvP battles doesn’t affect a character in any way.
    PK If you kill a peaceful character, your character’s PK count will be increased by 1, and a certain amount of Karma will be added. If you character’s PK equals 4, in case of death in PK state they may lose the equipped items or the contents of their inventory.


    1. If the amount of Karma becomes negative, the player becomes chaotic, and its nickname is displayed in red.
    2. The max amount of Karma equals 500, the nickname is displayed in green when this amount is reached.
    3. Reducing Karma
      • The amount of Karma for chaotic/normal characters decreases according the their PK counter.
      • Chaotic characters with PK counter 4 and above get a penalty, and upon death they may lose items from their inventory; the upgraded weapon drops without modifications.
      • When a lawful character becomes chaotic, Karma changes as follows:
        • With PK 30 or below Karma equals 0 and cannot be increased.
        • With PK 31 or above Karma gets negative values corresponding to PK count.
    4. Increasing the amount of Karma
      • Chaotic characters can get Karma when they gain EXP и SP.
      • If a chaotic character dies, its Karma increases.
        • However, if the character has no XP to lose, Karma won't be increased.
      • Karma will not be increased above 0 when hunting monsters.
      • To get Karma above 0, you need to kill a chaotic character (360 Karma points are added).
      • For killing the same chaotic character Karma points are added only after a certain period of time.
    5. With PK count equal to 0 and positive Karma, PK count will increase, and Karma becomes equal to 0.
    6. With PK count equal to 1 and positive Karma, PK count will increase, and Karma will decrease, despite the positive value.

    PK penalties

    • Characters with negative Karma don't get XP and SP for killing monsters.
    • Item destruction penalty is added.
      • When a chaotic character with PK counter 4 and above dies, a penalty is applied: up to 5 items drop, also items upgraded with a Life Stone, and bound items are destroyed.
      • The penalty of dropping/destruction of items are only applied to to characters who died in a chaotic state; they are not applied to those who died with 0 or positive reputation.
      • The chance and the amount of destroyed items increases if PK counter increases. The max. amount of dropped/destroyed items is 5.
    • Most of NPCs don't talk to characters in chaotic state.
    • Chaotic characters resurrect and teleport to Floran Village. NPC in Floran Village talk to chaotic characters,
    • If a PK character is killed by another PK character, the PK may get Shilen's Breath effect.

    There’s a Karma penalty for those who overuse the PK function.

      • The level of Karma penalty increases with PK counter and Karma increase.
      • Characters with PK counter 3 and below may get only 1 penalty level on restoring XP (the amount of Karma doesn’t matter).
      • Characters with PK counter 4 and about get Karma penalty depending on the amount of Karma, and the effect of decreasing P. P./M. Def.

    Removing chaotic state and PK counter decrease

    • Karma decreases while killing monsters or when a character dies.
    • PK counter can be decreased for completing the Brothers Bound in Chains quest.

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