Orc Hunting

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Orc Hunting
Level: 6 - 16
Quest type Repeatable questSoloing Quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Elf
Class: Any class
Start location Elven Village / Oren Territory
Start NPC Rayen
Reward see description


  1. Talk to Sentinel Rayen in the Elven Village.


  2. You need to kill mobs and collect Orc Amulet Orc Amulet , Orc's Necklace Orc's Necklace :
  3. Talk to Sentinel Rayen in the Elven Village and get the reward for the collected quest items.


    • For each Orc Amulet Orc Amulet - Adena.jpg 4 adena
    • For each Orc's Necklace Orc's Necklace - Adena.jpg 10 adena

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