• Jade Lv. 1

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    Item 70446.jpg
    Jade Lv. 1
    Atk. Spd./ Casting Spd. +1%. Effects of two identical jewels do not stack, the higher-level jewel takes precedence.
    Weight: 5
    Durability: -
    Base price: Adena.jpg 0 adena
    Cannot be: exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store, sold in a public store, stored in a clan warehouse.

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    Item creation is available by clickling the "Combine" button in the inventory

    1st Slot 2nd Slot Chance Success Fail
    Jade Lv. 1 Jade Lv. 1  — 1 pcs. Jade Lv. 1 Jade Lv. 1  — 1 pcs. 65% Jade Lv. 2 Jade Lv. 2  — 1 pcs. Jade Lv. 1 Jade Lv. 1  — 1 pcs.

    Trader: Collector Pona (Town of Giran)
    Item Cost
    Item 71438.jpg Jewel Coin Jade Lv. 1 Jade Lv. 1  — 2 pcs.

    You can get at the opening by double-clicking on item:

    Item 70489.jpg Jade Chest
    Item 70480.jpg Jade Fortune Box
    Item 71437.jpg Shining Jewel Box

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