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Map of Gludin

Gludin is a big township located in the Gludio castle territory. It's a serious transport center of the west of Aden Continent. There are spectacular hunting grounds around this village. Gludin Village is the first village founded by Human race while they invaded this realm displacing native Orcs and Lizardmen. It's a big naval village. Ships regularly sail between the Talking Island and Gludin. The village rests after time of troubles: devil Beleth's reign, war with The Gracia continent. Despite all of it Gludin habitant's courage and strength helped to defend their homes.


Township Price
Talking Island Village 3,000
Elven Village 3,000
Dark Elf Village 3,000
Orc Village 3,000
Dwarven Village 3,000
Town of Gludio 2,800
Fellmere Harvesting Grounds 710
Langk Lizardmen Dwellings 1,200
Abandoned Camp 690
Southern Entrance to Wasteland 1,700
For characters level 40 and below teleportation is free.

Gludin Village: NPCs and quests

Clan Halls

There are 5 clan halls grade B available in Gludin Village:

  • Crystal Hall
  • Onyx Hall
  • Sapphire Hall
  • Moonstone Hall
  • Emerald Hall

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