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    Fishing can bring you useful items in exchange for fish caught with a rod and bait. When your character is level 20 or above, you can go fishing, trade the fish you've caught or exchange it to different items via Fishing Guild Members. Fishing Guild Members will also help you with any questions related to fishing.

    Preparing to fishing

    Восклицательный знак.png Warning!

    Fishing is only available to characters level 20 or above!

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    Fishing is an opportunity to get useful items in exchange for fish caught with a rod and bait. Fishing Guild Members will give you useful items in exchange for fish. To fish, you need a rod and a bait: there's no way you can fish without them. Use Fishing Shots to double your chances of successful fishing and to make the process more efficient.


    Rod is the main thing required for fishing. Fishing Guild Members sell rods in any township. Double-click the Fishing Rod Pack (1-day) Fishing Rod Pack (1-day) to get a rod. Please note that the existence time of a rod tiks on even if it's placed in your inventory, so try to avoid the situations when you have 2 time-limited rods at once.

    Item Description P. Atk M. Atk
    Fishing Rod Fishing Rod
    10 days
    Available for 10 days. Requires 1 Fishing Shot. 1 1
    Fishing Rod Fishing Rod
    1 day
    Available for 1 day. Requires 1 Fishing Shot. 1 1


    The next thing you need is lure, and it can only be used when a rod is equipped. Fishing stops automatically if you've run out of lures.

    Item Description
    Normal Bait Normal Bait Necessary for fishing.

    Fishing Shots

    Fishing shots double your chances of getting a fish. One fishing shot is used for 1 attempt of catching a fish. Right-click the fishing shots in your inventory to use them automatically just like soulshots or spiritshots.

    Item Description
    Fishing Shot Fishing Shot Soulshot for a fishing rod. Doubles the fishing success rate.

    Fishing process

    Fishing - places.jpg

    First of all, you need to choose a place for fishing: such places are marked on the map with a special icon. If you're fishing on a bank near some hunting zone, be extra careful as the local mobs may try to attack you. Fishing is available in the following areas:

    • Giran Harbor
    • Gludin Harbor
    • Near the Town of Giran
    • Near the Town of Aden
    • Near Fellmere Lake
    • The southern coastline of Wasteland
    • Langk Lizardmen Dwellings (coastline)
    • Neat Floran Village
    • Southern waters of the Plains of the Lizardmen
    • Western waters of the Ivory Tower
    • Near Narsell Lake

    Процесс рыбалки - рыбалка возможна.jpg
    Процесс рыбалки - рыбалка в процессе.jpg

    When your character enters any area where fishing is possible, then, if you have the proper equipment, a sign appears meaning you can start fishing. When your characters starts fishing, the sign changes. When you start, fishing will continue automatically until you have no lure or if you don't stop the process by pressing the sign again.


    Item Description
    Blue Mackerel Blue Mackerel Can be exchanged for various items in the Fishermen's Guild.
    Fresh Blue Mackerel Fresh Blue Mackerel Can be exchanged for various items in the Fishermen's Guild.
    Golden Treasure Chest Golden Treasure Chest Double-click to obtain an item.

    Item exchange

    Blue Mackerel Blue Mackerel and Fresh Blue Mackerel Fresh Blue Mackerel can be exchanged to different items through Fishing Guild Members in any township.

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    Lvl Skill Name Description
    Skill 1368 1.jpg 1 Expand Dwarven Craft Increases the number of recipes that can be recorded in Dwarven-only recipe books.
    Skill 1370 1.jpg 1 Expand Trade Increases the number of items that can be bought and sold at private stores.
    Skill 1371 1.jpg 1 Expand Warehouse Increases the number of items that can be stored in private warehouses and freight.

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    Related quests

    Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
    Fishing Specialist's Request Onetime quest 20 Pierre Fishing Rod Chest (10-day) Fishing Rod Chest (10-day) No requirements

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