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Exploring the West Wing of the Dungeon of Abyss

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Exploring the West Wing of the Dungeon of Abyss
Level: 40 - 46
Quest type Repeatable questSoloing QuestDaily quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Dungeon of Abyss / Dion Territory
Start NPC Magrit
Reward Item 15623.jpg 250,000
Item 15624.jpg 7,700
Dimensional Gift Dimensional Gift


  1. Talk to Soul Tracker Magrit in the western part of the Dungeon of Abyss (you can teleport to the zone by talking to Dungeon of Abyss Officer Tores in the Town of Aden).
  2. You need to research the place. To hunt: Wandering Dead of the Dungeon, Wandering Spirit of the Dungeon, Wandering Ghost of the Dungeon, Wandering Evil Thoughts of the Dungeon. You need to get Remnant Ashes Remnant Ashes  — 50 pcs.
  3. Go back to the western wing of the Dungeon of Abyss and report to Magrit or Ingrit.

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