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Dyes are used for making tattoos. Tattoos change base characteristics of a character by increasing or decreasing them. The type of dye depends on the character's class.

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How to obtain dyes

Buying from NPCs

In each towhship there's a special NPC: Dye Merchant, selling dyes for making tattoos. Best Dyes can be purchased from NPC Dye Merchant Carson in the Town of Aden and NPC Dye Merchant Groot in the Town of Giran. Max stats of such dyes: +4/-5.

Hunting mobs

You can get dyes as loot from mobs or when you use the Skill 42 1.jpg Sweeper skill.

List of Dyes

Dyes Greater Dyes Best Dyes
STR Dyes STR Greater Dyes STR Best Dyes
CON Dyes CON Greater Dyes CON Best Dyes
DEX Dyes DEX Greater Dyes DEX Best Dyes
INT Dyes INT Greater Dyes INT Best Dyes
MEN Dyes MEN Greater Dyes MEN Best Dyes
WIT Dyes WIT Greater Dyes WIT Best Dyes

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