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Dye of STR (STR 1 DEX -1)

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Item 4470.jpg
Dye of STR <STR +1 DEX -1> 1st Class Transfer
Dye of STR. Take 10 units of this magical dye to any Symbol Maker to obtain a symbol that boosts parameters. Can be used after the 1st class transfer.
Weight: 150
Durability: -
Base price: Adena.jpg 35,000 adena
No restrictions for item exchange.


Mob's Name Lvl Properties Hunting zone Count Chance
Talakin Commander 32 Humanoid: They have two arms, two legs, and they walk upright. Culture and communal life varies by race.HP Increase (2x):Slightly Weak P. Atk.:Slightly Weak M. Atk.:Slightly Strong P. Def.:Slightly Strong M. Def.: Partisans Hideaway 1 0.01% — 0.05%
Noble Ant 37 Bug: They consist of insects, spiders and worms and act upon their highly refined instincts. Sometimes their instincts present themselves in a more developed form than that of humanoid society.HP Increase (2x):Strong P. Atk.:Slightly Strong P. Def.:Slightly Strong M. Def.:Fire Vulnerability: Vulnerable to Fire.Melee Attack Vulnerability: Vulnerable to melee attack. Ant Nest 1 0.01% — 0.05%

You can get at the opening by double-clicking on item:

Item 49111.jpg Dye Chest

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