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The Dueling System

Duels allow players to fight with each other without any penalties. People can start a duel when they’re not in a state of battle. You can challenge anyone regardless of their level. During duels you cannot use skills and items related to escaping.

Even if you’ve lost a duel, you don’t get any penalty and don’t lose any XP (like you would in a case of an ordinary death). When a duel’s over, all HP, MP and CP characteristics of the participants go back to their initial state before the duel. All effects cast upon you during a duel disappear once it’s over. If you use the Decline Duel setting, all the duel invitations will be cancelled automatically.

One versus one duel

You can invite a player to a duel by using the /duel command or by pressing Duel Request button in Action window. If your opponent's HP equals 1, you win. Each duel can take no longer than 2 minutes.

If during a duel an NPC attacks a players or a player attacks an NPC, the duel stops and HP/MP/CP of the participants restore to the level before the duel.

Ending a Duel prematurely

A duel ends prematurely in the following scenarios:

  • if /withdraw command is used during the duel;
  • if the distance between players is too far (so it becomes impossible to target a player);
  • if a participant moves to a zone where duels are impossible;
  • if a player attacks an opponent before the duel starts;
  • if a player attacks an NPC or an NPC attacks a player during one versus one duel (including magic and skills).