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Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward
Hunt of the Black Lion Repeatable quest 25 - 39 Sophya See Description
Trial of the Challenger Onetime quest 35 Kash XP 111,800
Trial of the Scholar Onetime quest 35 Mirien XP 193,500
Testimony of Life Onetime quest 37 Cardien XP 220,900
Test of Magus Onetime quest 39 Rukal XP 270,000
Test of the War Spirit Onetime quest 39 Somak XP 124,200
Exploring the West Wing of the Dungeon of Abyss Solo questDaily quest 40 - 46 Magrit XP 250,000

Available SP 7,700
Dimensional Gift Dimensional Gift

Exploring the East Wing of the Dungeon of Abyss Solo questDaily quest 45 - 51 Iris XP 300,000

Available SP 9,000
Dimensional Gift Dimensional Gift

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