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Death to the Pirate King!

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Death to the Pirate King!
Level: 70+
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: Complete the Unfinished Device quest.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Devil's Isle / Giran Territory
Start NPC Eigis Ein
Reward Item 15623.jpg 900,000
Item 15624.jpg 27,000
Zaken's Sealed Cloak Zaken's Sealed Cloak


Talk to Eigis Ein in the Town of Giran.


  1. Eigis Ein wants you to kill Zaken, the Pirate King of the Devil's Isle, and bring back a sample of his blood as a proof. To hunt: Zaken. You need to get Zaken's Blood Zaken's Blood .


  2. You have defeated Zaken and gathered proof. Return to Eigis Ein in the Town of Giran.


Warning! NPC Collector Pona in the Town of Giran can unseal Zaken's Sealed Cloak.

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