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Warsmith is the only class in the game capable of creating items grade NG and higher. Warsmiths can create items for themselves and for others using a special interface: Workshop.

Dwarven craft

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Dwarven craft has certain specifics.

  • Chance of creating an item

Some recipes don't have 100% chance of creating an item. For B-Grade equipment there are recipes with 100% chance of success and recipes with 60% chance of success (70% for accessories). For A-Grade equipment and higher there are only recipes with 60% chance of success (70% for accessories). To create items using recipes with 60% chance of success you need less resources - and you also need to be ready for failures.

What do I need to make an item?

Making each item requires a certain amount of your character's MP. Check the recipe to learn about the exact amount required.

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    Recipe. To create an item, you need to add the recipe into your recipe book. To write down the recipe, double-click it. You'll see a warning if there's no space in your reipe book or if such a recipe already exists there. Recipe book has a limit of 50 recipes. If there's no space in the book, you can remove some recipes. If you delete a recipe, it cannot be restored. For items Grade B and higher you need an additional recipe (used as an igredient).
  1. Кейматы и ресурсы в инвентаре.jpg
    Resources. To create an item, you need resources and key materials. You can obtain them by killing mobs and completing quests. Bounty Hunters can get resources using the Skill 254 1.jpg Spoil and Skill 42 1.jpg Sweeper skills. Key materials usually have the name of the ready item in their name.
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    Crystals and Gemstones. Gemstones Grade D, C can be purchased in grocery shops, Gemstones Grade B are sold in the grocery shop in the Town of Giran. Crystals can be obtained while destroying items or when Item Enchanting fails.

Private Workshop

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If a character has enough popular recipes, they can open their private workshops to provide the services of making items to other characters for a fee. Private Workshops have orange titles. Private Workshops consume MP just the same way as when the character were making the item. Max amount of recipes in a Private Workshop is limited to 20. To open a Private Workshop, choose the Action window, click Производство Гнома.jpg - Dwarven Private Workshop, or use /dwarvenmanufacture to call Dwarven Private Workshop.

How to use Private Workshops
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  1. When you open your Private Workshop, you can see the list of the available recipes; for each of them you can see success rate and the price of making items.
  2. Double-click the icon of the item you need, and the recipe will open.
  3. Use the button in the right upper corner to see the ingredients for the recipe in a tree-like structure.
  4. Use the "Create" button, to try and craft it and to pay the necessary price.

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