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Clans - Clan Halls

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In Lineage 2, there are special building for clans: clan halls. Clan halls give their owners certain advantages. Clan halls can be purchased via auction. A clan can own only 1 hall at the same time.

What is a clan hall

A clan hall is a special place for a clan in the game allowing the clan to use some nice features. From a certain level a clan can participate in clan hall auction. There's a certain fee for owning a clan hall. The grades of clan halls are different depending on their locations. The set of features depends on the grade and the type of the hall. The members of a clan owning a hall can use such features as increased restoration of HP and MP, they can also get compensation for XP loss when resurrecting in their clan hall. Feature activation requires additional fee in Adena.

Types of Clan halls

There are 2 types of clan halls: regular and provisional. Regular Clan Halls are auctioned. Provisional clan halls can be obtained in a lottery. Their features are different depending on their type.

Type Min.
clan level
How to obtain Amount
of halls
of features
Regular Clan Halls 2 Auction Little Much Much
Provisional Clan Halls 3 Lottery Much Little Little

Features of clan halls

Clan halls of both types have a set of features which help in the course of gameplay. Depending on a hall type, different functions can be used (activated for a fee in Adena). Clan halls have the following features:

Function Regular
Clan Halls
Clan Halls
Teleportation Yes No
Buffs Yes No
Selling items Yes No
HP/MP restoration
Yes No
XP restoration
at resurrection
Yes Yes

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