Character's Stats

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  • Your character's characteristics depend on its race.
  • Stats can be increased using equipment and tattoos.
Parameter Impact
Strength (STR)
P. Atk.
Dexterity (DEX)
P. Accuracy
P. Evasion
Atk. Spd.
P. Critical Damage
Max. HP
HP Regeneration
Weight Limit
Lung capacity
Shield Defense
Intelligence (INT)
M. Atk.
M. Critical Damage
Wit (WIT)
M. Accuracy
M. Evasion
Casting Spd.
M. Resistance
M. Critical Rate
XP restoration at resurrection
Mental (MEN)
Max. MP
MP Recovery
M. Resistance
Magic Cancel for incoming damage
Resistance to M. debuffs (Sleep, Hold, etc.)

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