• Brothers Bound in Chains

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    Brothers Bound in Chains
    Level: 1 - 90
    Quest type Repeatable quest
    Restrictions: PK counter 1 and above.
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Location not defined / Territory not defined
    Start NPC Dark Judge
    Reward PK counter reduced by 1.


    1. Talk to NPC Dark Judge.




    2. Give Gemstone (B-grade) Gemstone (B-grade)  — 30 pcs. to Dark Judge, get and equip Penitent's Manacles Penitent's Manacles .
    3. Summon Sin Eater, activate the "Hour of Penitence" skill. The effect lasts for 1 hour and is not removed after character’s death. Kill any mobs during the time you have, get Crumbs of Penitence Crumbs of Penitence and deliver it to Dark Judge. Warning! If mobs are 6+ levels below your character's level, they don't count. Raid bosses and their minions don't count as well. You need to get Crumbs of Penitence Crumbs of Penitence  — 50 pcs. The quest item drops from every 20th mob you kill, in total you need to kill 1000 mobs.
    4. Return to Dark Judge to get your reward.

    Warning! When the quest is complete, Dark Judge will take the following items: Crumbs of Penitence Crumbs of Penitence и Penitent's Manacles Penitent's Manacles . Every time to complete this quest you need to get new Penitent's Manacles Penitent's Manacles for Gemstone (B-grade) Gemstone (B-grade)  — 30 pcs.
    Please also note that Crumbs of Penitence cannot be obtained if you're in a party or a command channel.

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