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The main activity in Lineage 2 is battle with monsters and other players.

Battle process

Choosing a target

Mobs dwell in fields and dungeons. You need to find the mobs whose level range corresponds to yours. You can find the info about your target by left-clicking it. First of all, define the approximate level of the mob by the colour of its name in the target window, then read its characteristics. Left-click the target once again or use a skill to start a battle.

There are aggressive mobs who attack your character once it’s become visible to them, and not aggressive who don’t attack first. However, such not aggressive mobs have so called sociality – they attack a character if it attacks their comrades. You cannot determine whether a mob is aggressive or social by its looks. So you need to be careful when you explore new hunting zones.

Target2.jpg – first click at the mob, the mob is targeted.

Target3.jpg – second click at the mob, the mob is attacked.

Colour of mob’s name Difference in lvls XP penalty Drop penalty
Target’s name +11 and more no penalty no penalty
Target’s name +6 ~ +10 no penalty no penalty
Target’s name +3 ~ +5 no penalty no penalty
Target’s name -2 ~ +2 no penalty no penalty
Target’s name


no penalty no penalty
Target’s name



light penalty
average penalty
average penalty
serious penalty
no trophies

Target’s name --11 and more no XP no trophies

Start of a battle

Once you've chosen your target and started attacking using your weapon or a skill, you need to defeat the monster using skills and items. If during the battle your character's HP starts decreasing, use HP potions or skills to restore it. Keep a close eye on your XP and MP; otherwise your character may die.

End of a battle

The battle is over then you kill the mob. For killing the mob your character will receive XP and SP, there's also a chance to get Adena and items. If a character level 10+ dies in a battle with a mob, the character loses XP. The character who died in a battle can be either resurrected with items or skills; or get resurrected in a township of a clan hall.

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Weapon and types of attacks

Weapon for short-range attacks Weapon for long-range attacks
Атака оружием ближнего боя.jpg
All Weapon except bows and crossbows can be used for short-range attacks. P.Atk. is the parameter responsible for damage in short-range battles. P. Def. is the parameter responsible for defence against short-range attacks (physical). Soulshots are used to increase Phys. Atk.
Атака оружием дальнего боя.jpg
Bows and Crossbows are used for long-range attacks. Each shot from a bow consumes your character’s MP. Bows have low attack speed, make big damage and attack range is impressive. Crossbows have high attack speed, make average damage, and their attack range is the same as for bows.
Physical skills Magic skills
Атака физическим умением.jpg
Warrior classes use physical skills. Such skills make damage at a distance which is predefined for every skill. And require using a certain type of weapon. Soulshots are used to increase Phys. Atk.
Атака магическим умением.jpg
Mage classes use magic skills. Magic skills are related to different elements (i.e. have attributes). It means that when you choose a mob to hunt, you need to take into account their magic defence and elemental protection. Each magic skill requires some time to use. If your character is being damaged while making a spell, the process of casting may fail. To increase magic attack (and spellcasting at the same time) SpiritShots and Blessed Spiritshots are used.

You can start a short-range battle with any opponent using any weapon except bows. A short-range battle will be easier for your character if it has high stats of P. Def. and P. Evasion.

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