Armor Ingredient Box - A-grade

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Item 49762.jpg
Armor Ingredient Box (A-grade)
Double-click to obtain one of A-grade Armor Ingredients.
Weight: 0
Durability: -
Base price: Adena.jpg 0 adena
Cannot be sold in a public store.

You can get at the opening by double-clicking on item:

Item 70919.jpg Battle Box Lv. 3

When you open the box you can get the following items:

Item 5420.jpg Recipe: Sealed Armor of Nightmare (60%)
Item 5380.jpg Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare (60%)
Item 5368.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots (60%)
Item 5416.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Breastplate (60%)
Item 5424.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gaiters (60%)
Item 5392.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves (60%)
Item 5426.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet (60%)
Item 5332.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor (60%)
Item 5340.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Leggings (60%)
Item 5348.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Robe (60%)
Item 5364.jpg Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Shield (60%)
Item 5404.jpg Recipe: Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare (60%)
Item 5430.jpg Recipe: Sealed Helm of Nightmare (60%)
Item 5336.jpg Recipe: Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare (60%)
Item 5382.jpg Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots (60%)
Item 5432.jpg Recipe: Sealed Majestic Circlet (60%)
Item 5406.jpg Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gauntlets (60%)
Item 5338.jpg Recipe: Sealed Majestic Leather Armor (60%)
Item 5422.jpg Recipe: Sealed Majestic Plate Armor (60%)
Item 5352.jpg Recipe: Sealed Majestic Robe (60%)
Item 5350.jpg Recipe: Sealed Robe of Nightmare (60%)
Item 5366.jpg Recipe: Sealed Shield of Nightmare (60%)
Item 5370.jpg Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots (60%)
Item 5394.jpg Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves (60%)
Item 5428.jpg Recipe: Sealed Tallum Helmet (60%)
Item 5334.jpg Recipe: Sealed Tallum Leather Armor (60%)
Item 5418.jpg Recipe: Sealed Tallum Plate Armor (60%)
Item 5354.jpg Recipe: Sealed Tallum Stockings (60%)
Item 5346.jpg Recipe: Sealed Tallum Tunic (60%)
Item 5522.jpg Sealed Armor of Nightmare Pattern
Item 5502.jpg Sealed Boots of Nightmare Lining
Item 5496.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Boot Lining
Item 5520.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Breastplate Pattern
Item 5524.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Gaiter Pattern
Item 5508.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Glove Design
Item 5525.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet Design
Item 5478.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor Pattern
Item 5482.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Legging Design
Item 5486.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Robe Fabric
Item 5494.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Shield Fragment
Item 5514.jpg Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare Design
Item 5527.jpg Sealed Helm of Nightmare Design
Item 5480.jpg Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare Fabric
Item 5503.jpg Sealed Majestic Boot Lining
Item 5528.jpg Sealed Majestic Circlet Design
Item 5515.jpg Sealed Majestic Gauntlet Design
Item 5481.jpg Sealed Majestic Leather Armor Fabric
Item 5523.jpg Sealed Majestic Plate Armor Pattern
Item 5488.jpg Sealed Majestic Robe Fabric
Item 5487.jpg Sealed Robe of Nightmare Fabric
Item 5495.jpg Sealed Shield of Nightmare Fragment
Item 5497.jpg Sealed Tallum Boot Lining
Item 5509.jpg Sealed Tallum Glove Design
Item 5526.jpg Sealed Tallum Helmet Design
Item 5479.jpg Sealed Tallum Leather Armor Pattern
Item 5521.jpg Sealed Tallum Plate Armor Pattern
Item 5489.jpg Sealed Tallum Stocking Fabric
Item 5485.jpg Sealed Tallum Tunic Texture

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