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The choice of equipment for protection is very important. In Lineage II armor protects against physical damage. Protection from magic damage is increased with Accessories.

Type Description
Item 358.jpg Heavy Armor This type of armor is used by Knights and Warriors, it provides the strongest protection.
Item 2391.jpg Light Armor This type of armor is used by Archers and Rogues, has high defense.
Item 2403.jpg Magic Armor Mages and Healers use this type of armor which has weak defense.
Item 2487.jpg Gloves
Item 2439.jpg Boots
Item 2416.jpg Helmets
Item 110.jpg Shields When a shield is activated, it increases protection of a character.

General Information

In Lineage 2 there are 3 types of armor - Heavy, Light and Magic armor. Knights and Warriors primarily use heavy armor. Daggers and Archers use light armor. Sorcerers and Healers use magic armor. Almost every class has the skill to wear certain types of armor. If your character wears armor which level is higher than available to your character, your character gets a penalty which reduces their fighting characteristics. Starting from Grade B or higher, some armor pieces can be sold, manufactured or received while hunting monsters (such armor is sealed). A Blacksmith in any township can unseal your items of Grade B for free.


Several specific pieces of armor form an Armor Set. A set of armor gives additional bonuses and makes you more effective in battle against monsters or other characters.

Armor Article

Use the link to go to Armor Piece page. On the page you will find the description of the armor, the way of getting it and the list of monsters which you need to kill to get this piece of armor.

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