Antharas Nest

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Antharas Nest
Map Antharas Nest.jpg
Territory Giran Territory
Optimal Level 76 - 84
Party size 90-300 ppl

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General Info

Teleporting to Antharas Lair.jpg

Antharas Nest is a raid zone where epic Raid Boss Antharas dwells.

  • You need a command channel to enter.
  • Characters level 76+ can take part in a battle with Antharas; the amount of characters in the battle should be from 90 to 450.
  • You can teleport to Antharas Nest via NPC Heart of Warding; you can find it inside Antharas Lair.
  • To neter the zone, each command channel member should have the following item in the inventory: Portal Stone Portal Stone . It will be removed when you enter.
  • Portal Stone Portal Stone can be purchased from NPC Support Troop Lieutenant Rash when you've successfully completed the instanced zone: Balthus Knights - Antharas; you can also get it from Rash's Supplies - Antharas Rash's Supplies - Antharas (the chances are low).
  • There's no death penalty if your character dies in Antharas Nest.
  • You can't attack other characters in the raid zone.


Battle with Antharas starts 10 minutes after teleportation to the zone. Antharas uses stun and hold; fear, petrification and Curse of Antharas, temporarily decreasing all your combat stats (1 min). Antharas will summon Tarask Dragons and Behemoth Dragons and even more dragons as Antharas loses HP.


Antharas Nest' - Raid Bosses

Name Level Features EXP SP

(Land Dragon Antharas)
84 : : 40664236032 9759417
Behemoth Dragon
( Behemoth Dragon)
84 : : 0 0
Tarask Dragon
( Tarask Dragon)
84 : : 0 0

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