Antharas' Earring Lv. 1

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Item 90992.jpg
Grade NG.gifAntharas' Earring Lv. 1
Type - Earring
MP +28, Bleed Resistance/ Atk. Rate +10%, Stun Resistance/ Atk. Rate +5%, Mental Resistance/ Atk. Rate +5%, Received Healing +6%, Skill MP Consumption -3%, Vampiric Rage effect +2%. The effect does not stack if two identical earrings are equipped. Cannot be enchanted.
Weight: 150
Durability: -
P.Def.: 0
M.Def.: 74
MP bonus: 28
Crystallization: 0
Grade: NG
No restrictions for item exchange.


Mob's Name Lvl Properties Hunting zone Count Chance
Land Dragon Antharas 84 :: Antharas Nest 1 26.81% — 32.81%

Trader: Blacksmith Baggins
Item Cost
Item 91138.jpg Antharas' Earring Lv. 2 Adena 1,000,000 adena + castle tax
Antharas' Earring Lv. 1 Antharas' Earring Lv. 1  — 2 pcs.

You can get at the opening by double-clicking on item:

Item 71827.jpg Hardin's Miracle Sack

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