Agathion Minion Eye

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Agathion Minion Eye 7 days

Available for 7 days. Equipping it in the main slot summons Agathion Minion Eye and activates the Special Ability option.

<Special Ability> - Monster Eye Courage Lv. 1 - Monster Eye Blessed Resurrection Lv. 1

Weight: 5
Durability: -
Cannot be: exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store, sold in a public store, stored in a clan warehouse.

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Item Description
Skill 55552 1.jpg Minion Eye's Courage CON/ MEN +1, weight limit +5000, Max. HP/ MP/ CP +100, when used.
Skill 55553 1.jpg Minion Eye's Blessed Resurrection Resurrects a dead character and fully restores its XP. Consumes 2 Spirit Ore.

In the current version of the game it's impossible to obtain the item as drop or using Spoil.

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