• Agathion Libra

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    Agathion Libra

    Can be used to obtain the power of Agathion Libra.

    Summons Agathion from the main slot. Activates Special Abilities.

    Special Abilities Casting Spd. increased. Starting from +6, MP Consumption for M. Skills and songs/ dances decreased.

    Weight: 5
    Durability: -
    Cannot be: dropped, sold in a public store.

    See Also:

    Item Description
    Skill 59121 1.jpg Summon Agathion - Libra Releases Agathion's Seal.

    Trader Place Cost Amount of purchased items
    Collector Pona Town of Giran Agathion Coupon Agathion Coupon  — 1 pcs. 1

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