Agathion Ignis

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Agathion Ignis - side view
Agathion Ignis - front view
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Agathion Ignis

Summons Agathion Ignis and activates its special abilities. Fire Attack Power +100.
Weight: 50
Durability: -
Cannot be: dropped, sold in a public store.

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Item Description
Skill 51089 1.jpg Teleport to Forge of the Gods Teleports you to Forge of the Gods.
Skill 51093 1.jpg Fire Attribute Attack Fire Attribute Attack +100.

Trader Place Cost Amount of purchased items
Attribute Master Svein Aden, Giran, Town of Goddard Adena 2,000,000 adena + castle tax
Ignis' Breath Ignis' Breath  — 1 pcs.

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