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    Located to the north from the Town of Aden on a high cliff. Aden Castle was built by the Dwarfs in the Giant era style. It looks absolutely impenetrable and is placed on a huge base which makes even the bravest enemies tremble. Blacksmith Wilbert says that if it was not for Black Anvil Guild efforts, it would have been just a pile of broken stone. Even if the five armies of Elmore attacked the castle, it would have been defeated with just five thousand warriors. It can only be taken by the means of treason, so the main task for the local guards is to check any suspicious person who can get to know any secret and leak them to the enemy.

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    Castle structure

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    Defences: outer wall, inner wall, open ditch, the central gate, towerbridge, 3 Life Control Towers, 2 Flame Control Towers, emergency exit.

    The castle has a double line of defence. You can get inside the inner chambers only after you’ve broken through two walls. There is a gate in the first wall, and you can break the brickwork by using siege mechanisms. As soon as there’s a breach, the attackers can get inside. The second wall also has a gate, and there are also some weak points in the brickwork which can be broken by golems. There are 2 narrow passages leading to the throne hall on the second floor. Alternatively, you can break through the third central gates.

    There are many different traps between the first and the second wall which make the attackers’ efforts more difficult. The basic structure of the castle is the same as for other castles.

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