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    Allows to mount a Golden Lion.
    Class Name Archmage
    Type change form
    Recast Time 0 seconds
    Hit Time 1 second
    Cast Range -1
    Item for learning skill Item 90038.jpg Spellbook: Mount Golden Lion
    Classes with same skill Duelist, Dreadnought, Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Sagittarius, Adventurer, Archmage, Soultaker, Arcana Lord, Cardinal, Hierophant

    Skill Upgrade

    Lvl. to Learn Skill Lvl Description MP Consume HP Consume SP Auto-use Items Needed for Learn.
    76 1 Allows to mount a Golden Lion. 0 0 0 No Spellbook: Mount Golden Lion Spellbook: Mount Golden Lion  — 1 pcs.

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