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    Residence of King Ignis (Epic)
    Map Residence of King Ignis (Epic).jpg
    Territory Goddard Territory
    Optimal Level 80 and higher
    Party size 27-100 ppl
    Zone reset time Wednesday, 6:30

    Логово Короля Игниса (экстремальный) скриншот 1.jpg Логово Короля Игниса (экстремальный) скриншот 2.jpg Логово Короля Игниса (экстремальный) скриншот 3.jpg

    Логово Короля Игниса (экстремальный) скриншот 4.jpg Логово Короля Игниса (экстремальный) скриншот 5.jpg Логово Короля Игниса (экстремальный) скриншот 6.jpg

    General Info

    Residence of Queen Ignis - entrance.jpg

    Residence of King Ignis is an instanced zone for characters level 80-82. You can teleport to the zone via NPC Tara from Forge of the Gods.

    • The zone is meant for 27-100 players.
    • You need a command channel to enter.
    • Players have 20 minutes to complete the instance.
    • Timer resets each Wednesday at 6.30 a.m.
    • Epic battle with Ignis is similar to that in common mode, but of course it's more difficult.

    Walkthrough guide

    In the middle of the room there's raid boss Ignis, and at a distance - Freya who can help you in your battle with Ignis.

    Ignis uses different short- and long-range attacks. The lower its HP, the more damage it deals. Ignis also uses the Fire Rage skill making you lose HP over time. The debuffs sum up, and your character gets more and more damage every time Ignis uses Fire Rage.

    Talk to Freya to ask her for help: she can cancel the Fire Rage effect. However, her power is limited, and she can't help you more than 5 times. Then she'll need to restore her power. When her power is gone, she'll disappear for a while.


    Residence of King Ignis (Epic) - Raid Bosses

    Name Level Features EXP Attr. Name Attr. EXP SP

    (Flame Spirit King Ignis)
    84 : : 1693440000 Fire 1008000 45722880

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