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Recover the Farmland

Recover the Farmland
Level: 25 - 34
Quest type Repeatable questSoloing Quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Gludio Territory / Gludio Territory
Start NPC Piotur
Reward See description


  1. Talk to Piotur near Orc Barracks.


  2. Go to Orc Barracks, hunt Turek Orc Prefect, Turek Orc Priest, Turek Orc Skirmisher, Turek Orc Footman, Turek Orc Sentinel, Turek Orc Archer, Turek Orc Supplier and collect quest items:   Turek Dog Tag and   Turek Medallion .



  3. Talk to Piotur near Orc Barracks and get   8 adena for each quest item.




    • If you're lucky enough to get extra quest items, talk to Guard Leikan at the northern gate of Gludin Village. He'll tell you who buys old relics.


Trader Asha in the Magic shop can repair the relics, however there's a chance she might fail:

  •   Jade Necklace Bead  — 5 pcs. -   Ancient Jade Necklace
  •   Bronze Mirror Piece  — 5 pcs. -   Ancient Bronze Mirror
  •   Clay Urn Fragment  — 5 pcs. -   Ancient Clay Urn
  •   Brass Tiara Piece  — 5 pcs. -   Ancient Brass Tiara

You can also sell the relics in the shop:

  •   Ancient Jade Necklace   1,147 adena
  •   Ancient Bronze Mirror   945 adena
  •   Ancient Brass Tiara   945 adena
  •   Ancient Clay Urn   810 adena
  •   Jade Necklace Bead   126 adena
  •   Bronze Mirror Piece   108 adena
  •   Clay Urn Fragment   90 adena
  •   Brass Tiara Piece   108 adena

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