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    Way of Wandering Knight
    Level: 85 - 99
    Quest type Onetime quest
    Restrictions: None
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Town of Aden / Aden Territory
    Start NPC Herphah
    Reward Item 15623.jpg 1,889,719,478
    Item 15624.jpg 1,700,747
    R-grade Soulshot R-grade Soulshot Grade R.gif — 5000 pcs.
    Blessed R-grade Spiritshot Blessed R-grade Spiritshot Grade R.gif — 5000 pcs.
    PA - Art of Seduction PA - Art of Seduction  — 5 pcs.
    Elementary Seed Bracelet Elementary Seed Bracelet


    1. Talk to Herphah in the Town of Aden.


    2. Talk to Herphah about clans.


    3. Herphah wants you to go to an Adventurers' Guide to get ready for battles.


    4. Adventurers' Guide gave you amazing power. #Return to the Town of Aden to Herphah.


    5. Talk to Herphah about Factions.


    6. You have a task from Herphah. #Talk to Adventure Guildsman Penny in the Town of Aden.


    7. Adventure Guildsman Penny wants you to reach Adventure Guild amity level 1 or above. Take and complete the quests that Penny offers.


    8. You've reached amity level 1 with Adventure Guild! Go back to Herphah to the Town of Aden, get the reward and access to the next quest, Across the Death Line.


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