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    The Vitality system helps players to gain more experience (Exp) and skill points (SP) when hunting mobs.


    • Vitality is shown in the character's status window:
    • Maximum amount of Vitality is 140 000 points (4 bars).
    • Vitality is restored automatically, depending on the day of the week:
      • Wednesday, at 6:30 AM - Vitality is restored to 100%.
      • Every day that isn't Wednesday, at 6:30 AM - 1 bar of Vitality is restored.
    • With Vitality: bonus 300% XP and SP for PA players, bonus 200% XP and SP for non-PA players.
    • There's a separate pool of Vitality points for each character and for each class.
    • The amount of items that can be used to replenish or mantain Vitality weekly is limited. You can use 5 items per week. PA users can use 10 000 items.
    • The Pailaka quests and RB raids do not restore Vitality points.
    • For those who have recommendations - doesn't give additional XP points (meaning that recommendation bonus is not multiplied by vitality bonus).

    Vitality Consumption

    • Vitality is spent when you kill Raid Bosses and common mobs.
    • The amount of Vitality being spent depends on the XP you gain.
    • For characters below level 10, Vitality is not spent at all.

    Vitality Replenishment

    • Weekly Vitality replenishment.
      Vitality points are restored to 100% each Wednesday at 6.30 a.m.
    • Vitality replenishing items.
      You can use vitamine or event items which restore Vitality, but no more than 5 per week. PA users can use up to 10 000 Vitality replenishing items
    • Using Vitality maintaining items.
      You can use vitamine or event items which maintain Vitality, but no more than 5 per week. PA users can use up to 10 000 Vitality maintaining items
    • If you use items which restore Vitality when killing mobs: Vitality is restored 4 times slower than spent.

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