Undecaying Memory of the Past
Grand CrusadeClassic

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Undecaying Memory of the Past
Level: 90+
Quest type Onetime questParty Quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Orbis Temple / Magmeld
Start NPC Opera
Reward Item 15623.jpg 54,093,924
Item 15624.jpg 12,982
Reward at your choice, see description.
Info To begin this quest, you need to complete To the Prison of Darkness quest first.

Quest Series

Shadow of Terror: Blackish Red Fog
Unsettling Shadow and Rumors
Unstoppable Futile Efforts Creation of Twisted Spiral
The Corrupted Leader Abandoned God's Creature
The Corrupted Leader: His Truth Peaceful Days are Over
To the Prison of Darkness
Undecaying Memory of the Past
Orbis' Witch
Decaying Darkness (quest)
Owner of Hall


  1. Talk to Opera in the Prison of Darkness.


  2. Go to Prison of Darkness and kill the boss Spezion


  3. Talk to Opera in the Prison of Darkness, get a reward at your choice and access to the following quest Orbis' Witch.


    1. Set of materials: Item 19305.jpg Giant's Warsmith's Holder  — 1 pcs., Item 19306.jpg Giant's Reorin's Mold  — 1 pcs., Item 19307.jpg Giant's Arcsmith's Anvil  — 1 pcs., Item 19308.jpg Giant's Warsmith's Mold  — 1 pcs.
    2. Set for modification: Item 17527.jpg Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-Grade)  — 2 pcs.
    3. Set of pouches: Item 34861.jpg Ingredient and Hardener Pouch (R-grade)  — 2 pcs.

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