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Triol's Movement

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Triol's Movement
Level: 97+
Quest type Soloing QuestDaily quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Pagan Temple / Rune Territory
Start NPC Razen
Reward See description


  1. Talk to Priestess of Light Razen in the Pagan Temple.


  2. Go to the Pagan Temple, kill the following mobs - Resurrected Worker, Ritual Offering, Triol's Layperson, Triol's Believer, Triol's Priest, Triol's High Priest, Forgotten Victim, Resurrected Temple Knight, Old Aristocrat's Soldier, Temple Guard, Temple Guard Captain, Ritual Sacrifice. You need to get Pagan Totem Pagan Totem  — 100 pcs., Pagan Soul Pagan Soul  — up to 300 pcs.


  3. Talk to Priestess of Light Razen in Pagan Temple and get the reward.


Amount of
Pagan Soul Pagan Soul
Exp SP Adena Divine Box Divine Box
0-99 Item 15623.jpg 3,015,185,490 Item 15624.jpg 7,236,360 Adena.jpg 745,929 adena Divine Box Divine Box  — 1 pcs.
100-199 Item 15623.jpg 6,030,370,980 Item 15624.jpg 14,472,720 Adena.jpg 1,491,858 adena Divine Box Divine Box  — 2 pcs.
200-299 Item 15623.jpg 9,045,556,470 Item 15624.jpg 21,709,080 Adena.jpg 2,237,787 adena Divine Box Divine Box  — 3 pcs.
300 Item 15623.jpg 12,060,741,960 Item 15624.jpg 28,945,440 Adena.jpg 2,983,716 adena Divine Box Divine Box  — 4 pcs.

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