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    Transformation process

    Characters can transform by using special transformation skills or by placing a talisman into a bracelet. There are also Transformation Scrolls available via the new Auction system and special skills obtained from Hellbound armor.

    Characters are also transformed automatically when they obtain cursed weapon Item 8190.jpg Demonic Sword Zariche or Item 8689.jpg Blood Sword Akamanah .

    Types of transformations

    All transformations are divided into the following categories

    Conditions of getting transformation skills

    Despite several changes obtained while using transformation scrolls and talismans, first of all you need to complete More than meets the eye quest (from level 50), to get first transformation skills and Onyx Beast transformation. You can learn transformation skills from Transformation Wizard Avant-Garde on the second floor of the Ivory Tower.

    To learn any transformation you need a Transformation Scroll.

    Cancelling transformations

    A transformation can be cancelled:

    • With a Transform Dispel skill.
    • If a character dies.
    • If an equipped item gives transformation, it’s cancelled when this item is unequipped.
    • After a certain period of time (depends on the transformation).
    • Underwater (except the transformation received from a cursed weapon).

    Terms and conditions for transformations

    Before a transformation:

    • A character shouldn’t be mounted on a Dragon or a Wyvern.
    • A character shouldn’t have Mystic Immunity as an active skill.
    • A character shouldn’t be sailing on a ship.
    • If a character obtains a cursed weapon being already transformed, then this cursed weapon’s transformation overrides the existing one.
    • Transformation skills are different for the main class and the subclasses.

    Transformation status

    • In a transformed state a player can use only active transformation skills, all common skills are replaced with transformation skills.
    • All buffs and debuffs remain when a character is transformed back.
    • When a character transforms, all their characteristics are changed with transformation characteristics.
    • Characters in a transformed state cannot take part in duels.
    • When a character is transformed with a cursed weapon, the name of this weapon replaces the nickname of the character. In addition, the name of the cursed sword replaces the character’s name in the chat. In such cases the player cannot use Shout and Trade channels, but in Clan, Alliance and Whisper channels the original player’s name is displayed.
    • In a transformed state players cannot switch or add a subclass.
    • Players cannot transform if they’re taking part in the Grand Olympiad.

    Battle and basic transformations

    There are 2 types of battle transformations:

    • General – giving each class or race certain characteristics and several skills. Each transformation lasts for 30 minutes. 2 general transformations are currently available:
    • Race – when used, increase or decrease characteristics. Each transformation lasts for 30 minutes. Such transformations include the following:

    Battle transformations (warrior, mage, healer) can be learned at levels 70—80. The skills of such transformations match the skills of the basic classes. Transformation scrolls for this category drop from mobs, then you can learn them with Transformation Wizard Avant-Garde’s help in the Ivory Tower. Each transformation lasts for 30 minutes. The following transformations are available in this category

    Goddess of Destruction, level 85+, next stats transform

    Onyx Beast 89 55 82 53 39 38
    Doom Wraith 89 55 82 53 39 38
    Grail Apostle 89 55 82 53 39 38
    Unicorn 83 61 82 55 38 37
    Lilim Knight 93 56 77 56 39 35
    Golem Guardian 88 53 85 53 37 40
    Inferno Drake 89 50 87 51 38 41
    Dragon Bomber 89 57 80 57 36 37
    Heretic n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
    Veil Master n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
    Saber Tooth 89 55 82 53 39 38
    Oel Mahum 89 55 82 53 39 38
    Doll Blader n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

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    Veil Master
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    Панцирный Дракон 2.jpg
    Dragon Bomber

    Note: For each transformation a Transform Dispel skill is available (which cancels the transformation).

    Rare transformations

    Rare transformations imitate the looks of certain Raid Bosses. In comparison with other transformations, for such transformations battle characteristics are increased. The scrolls to learn such transformations can be obtained by killing the corresponding Raid Bosses (see below). Then you can learn them with Transformation Wizard Avant-Garde’s help in the Ivory Tower.

    The list of Raid Bosses:

    • Zaken — transformation available from level 60.
    • Anakim — transformation available from level 70.
    • Venom — transformation available from level 70.
    • Gordon — transformation available from level 76.
    • Ranku — transformation available from level 76.
    • Kechi — transformation available from level 76.
    • Demon Prince — transformation available from level 76.

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    Закен (трансформация) 2.jpg Zaken Ранку (трансформация) 2.jpg Ranku
    Анаким (трансформация) 2.jpg Anakim Кечи (трансформация) 2.jpg Kechi
    Веном (трансформация) 2.jpg Venom Принц Демонов (трансформация) 2.jpg Demon Prince
    Гордон (трансформация) 2.jpg Gordon

    Divine transformations

    Divine Transformations are available via subclass system. When a subclass achieves level 80, go to the corresponding Grand Magister of the subclass to get a divine transformation scroll. Then, having switched to the main class, you can learn the transformation from Avant-Garde in the Ivory Tower. Such transformations give unique looks and skills. Each transformation lasts for 30 minutes. To learn such transformations and to get a certificate you need to complete More Than Meets the Eye quest. There are 7 types of divine transformation, matching 7 basic archetypes:

    • Warrior
    • Knight
    • Rogue
    • Wizard
    • Summoner
    • Healer
    • Enchanter

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    Божественный Воитель (трансформация) 2.jpg Divine Warrior Божественный Призыватель (трансформация) 2.jpg Divine Summoner
    Божественный Рыцарь (трансформация) 2.jpg Divine Knight Божественный Целитель (трансформация) 2.jpg Divine Healer
    Божественный Разбойник (трансформация) 2.jpg Divine Rogue Божественный Заклинатель (трансформация) 2.jpg Divine Enchanter
    Божественный Чародей (трансформация) 2.jpg Divine Wizard

    Non-battle transformations

    Yeti Buffalo Pixy
    Йети (трансформация).jpg
    Буйвол (трансформация).jpg
    Фея (трансформация).jpg
    Transformation item:
    Item 10141.jpg Grey Talisman - Yeti Transform
    Seller: Manager in Rainbow Springs Chateau
    Transformation item:
    Item 10142.jpg Grey Talisman - Buffalo Transform
    Seller: Manager in Wild Beast Reserve
    Transformation item:
    Item 10151.jpg Battleground Transform Spell
    Seller: Suspicious Merchant – wanders around fortresses

    Other transformations

    This categoty includes the following:

    • Chaos Golem – a unique Master’s transformation. Unlike other one, this one is learned from a Item 10571.jpg Forgotten Scroll: Golem Armor . This transformation gives your character the looks of a Golem In a transformed shape you receive unique skills. This transformation lasts for 5 minutes.
    • Final Form - Final Form is a unique transformation for Kamael race, which temporarily gives them their lost wing. This skill can be learned if your character got their third class and reached level 79. The looks are different depending on the gender, and the duration of this transformation is only 5 minutes because it’s really powerful.

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